Adjudication benefits...

  • It is typically far quicker than court proceedings 
  • The outcome is fully enforceable in law
  • The Adjudicator's decision can be acquired within 28 days 
  • It is a confidential process
  • The Adjudicator will be well aware of the practicalities of construction matters 
  • Legal representation is not necesary 


Our Adjudication Service...

  • Free initial consultation (including review of prospects of success) 
  • Full turn-key Adjudication service (from Referral to Enforcement)
  • Rapid Referral of disputes (often within a few days of instruction)
  • 20 years of practical site experience of construction matters
  • Fixed or Variable Fees (a   rate per hour or a lump sum) 
  • Finance arrangements (pending receipt of the Adjudicator's Decision). 


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